Not every day traveling is a wild adventure – sometimes there’s nothing better than few hours spent wandering and people watching.

One of my favorite days living in Croatia as a Workaway-er was when I spent all afternoon hopping from park to park, chasing the setting sun, reading, and people watching. I finished a book I was working on for weeks, and felt totally recharged for the trip to the Krka national park the next day.

Whether your day pack is big or small, a proper back pack or more of a tote bag, packing for a full day of chill is definitely doable.

Here is my packing list for a chill day out – consisting of expected necessities and a few entertaining comforts.

Wireless charger for cell phone
No brainer. The last thing you want while out for a day is to have your phone die – this is not only for safety and navigational purposes, but what could be worse than loosing battery before the perfect Instagram?

Water bottle
It’s extremely important to stay hydrated while traveling. It’s all too easy to become distracted by your tourist activities and find yourself dehydrated. Keeping a bottle of water is one of the easiest ways to make sure you stay healthy while traveling.

One of my favorite things to do while traveling is to take an hour or two to find a nice place to relax and read. Kindle e-readers are compact and have a very long battery life, making them really convenient for a book worm who has to leave her books at home. I personally bought my pre-owned e-reader on Amazon and I love it!

Sun gear – including sun glasses and sunscreen
Nothing ruins a trip like an uncomfortable sunburn. And squinting will do nothing but lead to wrinkles and a migraine. Make sure the sunscreen is travel sized!

Gopro & selfie stick
Never miss a photo moment! Check out the Spivo selfie stick – capture the adventure at all angles with the click of a button.

Airline blanket
One of my most important travel hacks! I always keep an airline blanket with me while I travel for a couple different reasons, but for a day out exploring a city, I use it as a spot to sit the park. Air plane blankets have also saved the day when the weather decided to open the skies in a sudden rain storm, and when an unexpected cold front rolled in. You can also buy quality travel blankets online.

Mini hand sanitizer
Because #germs

Portable speakers
Perfect for a picnic in the park, a chill day on the beach, or a makeshift happy hour with new friends.

Something simple and easy, like apples, bananas, or pretzels, are good to have on hand for those in-between-meals moments when blood sugar is low but you can’t justify spending money on a junk snack. The best snack-hack advice I can give is to make use of hostel breakfast – make an sandwich with the cheese and meat or even just jam that is provided at breakfast and bag it for your day. Hostels also generally will have some type of fruit out at mornings as well – no shame in taking extra for the road.


What’s your number one day pack essential?

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