When someone asks you “what did you do this weekend?” .. I hate being that person that says “…..nothing really”

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been known to watch 12 straight episodes of Always Sunny in Philadelphia with no regrets.

But for the days you’d rather act somewhat like an adult, here’s some suggestions to get you going.

productive things to do in your free time

health & wellness

find healthy recipes you’ve never tried

take a long walk

ride a bike

unplug. no phone or computer for a few hours

give yourself a manicure

moisturize skin & condition hair

make your bed & organize your environment

taste test new teas

stretch or do yoga



watch a documentary

read a book

watch a Youtube tutorial of something you’d like to learn to do

research a place you’ve never been but want to visit

play solitaire or learn a new card game

visit a museum

plan a trip

listen to a Ted Talk

learn some foreign language phrases

play Sudoku

write down your goals & a plan to achieve them



paint a picture

write notes – to your parents, friends, or future self

take photos of nature

listen to your favorite album

write down some of your favorite quotes

dance to your favorite songs

do a Pinterest craft you’ve been eyeing

make an inspiration board from magazines

sew or crochet a gift for someone (or yourself)

organize the photos on your computer