One of my favorite things about traveling is the food.

Actually, one of my favorite things  [ in general ] is food. 

Participating in Workaway in Split, Croatia as a hostel receptionist was one of the best experiences in my life – essentially I got to travel for free, meet tons of cool people, and live like a local in a foreign country. One of the first things guests would ask when they would check-in to the hostel was where they should go for something to eat. Spending hours on a bus or plane – traveling from wherever in the world they came from – takes a toll on the tummy!

I’m writing this post because real recognize real – These are the places I suggest spending your time and money at, because they’re the places I ate every day. I’m a creature of habit and when I find something I like, I stick to it.

PSA: This is NOT strictly a “healthy” blog post. It’s mostly the opposite, I’ll be honest. I’m generally very nutritionally minded, but when I eat out, sometimes I give in to a self-indulgent moment. This is an “I’m so hungry I could eat my weight in french fries and have no regrets” kind of post, so don’t judge.

To Je To – Nigerova 2, Split

source: ToJeTo Instagram

This Mexican fusion eatery doesn’t really fit into only one category, so I’ll just label it as restaurant / cafe / bar.

source: ToJeToSplit

As a common hangout for Sail Croatia and Yacht Week tour guides, this place is known for its creative food, large selection of Croatian beer, casual hangout vibes, and fun nightlife scene. Don’t be surprised when you go to the bar to order a coffee at 11 am and the group next to you orders a round of tequila.

source: ToJeTo Facebook

They’ve also got a fun al-fresco scene at night with live music. It’s actually ranked #3 for top nightlife in Split on TripAdvisor! Some of my hostel coworkers and I would head here after our shift ended to see some of their friends play in a band a few nights per week.

ToJeTo night out with the girls

I won’t pretend like it’s the most budget friendly spot on this list, but in my opinion a shared mid-day nacho snack or a beer and a show is well worth it for the experience.


My faaaaavorite is SurfN’Fries, located next to To Je To at Nigerova 2, Split.

source: google

I don’t know what it is about the fries in Croatia, but they are SO GOOD. Maybe it’s the super crunchy edges, or the fact that they are the perfect vehicle for delivering sauces to my face, but they rock. I did mention this is not a #fitfam post, right?

Surf n’ Fries packages their crispy delicacies in these perfect little cones with a mini fork making them ideal for take away. They’re cheap and the portion sizes are perfect – you won’t feel like a beached whale after you inhale them. Plus they have a bunch of different sauces – I highly suggest the Mediterranean.

Mama Burger Bar – Trg Brace Radic 5, Split

I stumbled (very literally) into this corner burger shop late one night, had the best burger and fries ever, and then spent a week searching for it again, because I couldn’t remember where it was. You can use context clues as to why. When I finally found it again, I took a picture of the street so I could remember where it was.

Come to mama! source: Mama Burger Instagram

Mama serves up burgers, grilled wraps (they call them tortillas) and 3 kinds of sausage, as well as beers and even breakfast (in that order, if you want). The fries are that typical Croatian style, with crunchy edges and soft insides.. *frenchfrieswooooon*

Sources: Total Croatia News and Google

Prices aren’t so bad, especially if you compare to the cost of eating out in cities like London, Amsterdam, or Paris. TripAdvisor says $$$$ but I’d say more like $$. Don’t expect a 5star sit down dining experience – but trust me when I say your belly will be more than satisfied.

4Coffe Soul Food – Ul. Hrvoja Vukčića Hrvatinića 9

Sources: IamLoudness Instagram and Google

Searching for that perfect caffeine fix to kick start your day? This place’s coffee is so good, it speaks for itself – they don’t even need a sign out front.

Despite being by far the smallest coffee shop I’ve ever been to, they still had a varied menu of self-proclaimed “specialty” coffees and other small treats. This is a simple but excellent little shop with very modest, local vibes.

source: 4CoffeSoulfood Instagram

But this is not Starbucks. Don’t expect some whippedfrappucino-dulce-de-leche-with-almond-milk nonsense. That being said, they were exceptionally nice by using the soy milk I bought from the market in my latte. If you ask very politely I’m sure they will do the same for you!

MISTO Street Food Factory – Bosanska 11, Split

source: Misto Street Food Factory Instagram

I love this very literal hole-in-the-wall. This was my #1 food suggestion for travels who had just checked in. Often I would just accompany them to Misto, because there’s a good chance I was planning on eating there that day anyways. It’s the holy grail of street food in Split.


DAY TIME                                                                  NIGHT TIME

At the eastern corner of the old town, this place is perfect for an on-the-go meal, dishing out home style comfort food with healthy and fresh ingredients. The simplicity of the restaurant design and menu only elevates the experience – this delicious dalmatian “fast food” never left me feeling guilty and barely lightened my wallet.

It’s what I call an equal opportunity eatery, meaning they cater to many different dietary lifestyles, including vegan, dairy free, and vegetarian.

Source: Misto Street Food Instagram

The seating options range from a communal bar top space outside next to the castle walls, or a small area with stool-top seating. Theres plenty of space on the steps across from the front door, or bring a blanket for a picnic in the park.

I highly suggest the chicken sandwich and pastas, or one of their unique salads for something lighter.


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  1. TRAVEL EATS are always the BEST… Even if it’s a “bad meal” – it’s always WAY BETTER than anything you can get back in your home city!

    1. Agreed!!! I just believe in all things at moderation. If you’re craving a burger for lunch just even it out with a veggie packed salad at dinner. No need to deprive ourselves of the best things in life 🙂

  2. These look amazing! I was in Croatia a few years ago, but we unfortunately didn’t make it to Split. However, I’m planning on going back someday, and I would love to check these places out!

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