There are 2 kinds of people during tax season:

The ones who get them done early and the ones who WISH they had them done early.

For the latter group… I hope you’re getting over your tax filing stress-induced hangover.

What are you doing with your tax return? Hopefully it hasn’t flown away on some materialistic crap you won’t care about in 10 years from now…

This is my favorite kind of money… the kind that you don’t depend on or include in that aching bank account until it’s there.

The saving-savvy traveler in me gently implores you to put it towards your next travel fund. Here’s a few ways to make Uncle Sam’s refund your next travel sponsor.


Thrifty Nomads has a seriously comprehensive overview on the best strategies to get awesome flight deals. This is something people ask me about allllll the time – I’ve become the airfare booking manager for my family because the tips on this blog help me find the cheapest way from A to B. You’d be surprised at what your tax return could get you – I’ve purchased one-way flights from the US to Europe for as low as $400 and regional international flights for as less than I spent on a month’s gym membership.



Every hostel has a different vibe, same as every destination you’ll travel to. The really good ones can definitely take your trip to the next level of unforgettable. If you’re looking for full experiential travel, check out some of these cool hostels to stay in around the world from Society19. I’ve personally been to #4 and #5 and spent less than $30 a night.

If you haven’t heard of AirBNB yet, it’s safe to assume you live under a rock. Airbnb is a great addition to the affordable travel accommodation market, because it allows you to live in a real home and connect with the culture of your destination as a local would.

I’m starting to plan a trip to Indonesia, and am SO PUMPED that it’s such a budget-friendly destination! Seriously, for well under $400 you can stay in luxurious and exotic accommodation for almost 2 weeks. Check out Sunshine Seeker‘s list of 7 Unique and Affordable Airbnb’s in Bali.



Food is such a cultural experience and that is why I LOVE visiting new places …. finding new foods to day dream about and probably crave randomly for the rest of my life. Seriously I do not go into central London without going to Ben’s Cookies…. I want my wedding cake to be made out of them.. no joke

Anywayssss… after spending a month living in Croatia with Workaway, I naturally found some new favs. The best part is that Croatia is SO CHEAP that I could easily eat out for breakfast lunch and dinner for around $20 a day… do the math people, the even a small tax return could pay for every meal on a week-long trip!



People ask me all the time how I have money to travel and normally my answer is something along the lines of “I try to live like a poor person” which is slightly dramatic, but not far off. Check out The Equality Strategy of Saving Money for a more detailed outline as to how you can save thousands of dollars by changing your spending mindset.


What do you plan to spend your tax return on? Comment below!


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  1. I love finding new ways to spend money on travelling, so these are some great tips! I also like that you’ve linked out to relevant content for us to read more about…!

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