2018 will be the year of health. Forget the “resolution” and make it a life choice – it’s time to wake up and live with some god damn intention. They say you are what you eat, right? Here are some resources and tips for people going vegan. 

no jokes allowed when it comes to noodles

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Vegans have this stigma of being ethically obsessed, uptight and flavorless. Worshiping tofu, living off kale and beans. High-maintenance. OTT. This is *mostly* not the case (because to be fair I have met some seriously stereotypical SoCal hippies that fit the aforementioned mold)

I’ve personally chosen to make more vegan-based meal decisions for both environmental and preventative health reasons. And DISCLAIMER, I’m not 100% vegan, more of a plant-based, opportunistic omnivore (ahem Wholefoods, new target market?). I’ll talk more about my personal health & food choices in the post that will be linked here in the future.

Local farm-raised chickens = very happy lil eggs^^ (yes not vegan, but still pretty responsible)

And although I don’t personally adhere to a strict vegan diet, I respect the hell out of those who do. Regardless if you connect with that lifestyle of not, it’s an interesting way of life and the motivations behind the movement are worth knowing. Make decisions for your health out of awareness and knowledge, not blind consumerism and ignorance.

So if you’re considering dabbling into the vegan world, it’s not going to be easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is. For anyone considering a more plant-based life, here are some valuable resources for you:


Naturally, your first stop could be Netflix Documentaries. Don’t take them too seriously, because some of the claims and formatted for dramatic effect. But the overall messages they provide will definitely make you think twice about what goes into your body. These are my favorites:

Hungry for Change (2012) #1 healthy diet and lifestyle inspo IMO

What the Health (2017)

Cowspiracy (2014)

Others include: Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead; Vegucated; Fed Up; Food Inc; Forks over Knives

Check out

Elsa’s Wholesome Life
– Australia’s vegan goddess who has basically taken over Instagram with her (equally vegan, equally Australian, and equally royal) sister Lauren. Fruits and veggies have never looked so bohemian or glamourous. #1 Vegan food inspo IMO.

Vegan Starter Guide – Shannon from The Glowing Fridge is all about finding the healthiest way to treat our bodies, from the food we put into it to the beauty products we wear on it. This guide is extra thorough and extra pretty too.

This infographic about how meat processing & consumption affects the environment.

Veginners – A subtopic by Elephantastic Vegan that covers some of the first stepping stones to adopting a vegan lifestyle.

Peta’s Free Vegan Starter Kit – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, aka club vegan



How to be Vegan by Elizabeth Castoria – Packed with tips and guides to implement veganism across all aspects of your lifestyle – from diet and consumer consumption to staying healthy while traveling, homemaking and even fashion and dating. It’s got tons of simple recipes and sprinkles a bit of humor throughout. Definitely an easy read, and easy on the wallet too!

Main Street Vegan by Victoria Moran – This is an informative and inspirational story for those who haven’t taken that vegan leap yet. Moran makes veganism less foreign and more sustainable for a typical 2018  lifestyle.

Why Vegans always have to tell you they’re Vegans – Rebecca Jones from The Guardian
One of those things people say as a “joke” but actually are not  joking at all.

Elsa’s Wholesome Life (Kindle / Ebook Edition) – As mentioned above, this chick is legit. This book has so much more than recipes, because Elsa is so much more than a food/travel Instagrammer. She’s a registered dietician and nutritionist, so she’ll give you the lowdown on how to get all the essential vitamins and strategies for easy day-to-day vegan living.

Try this


Veggie Pakora by Elephantastic Vegan
HOLY veggie gods, these are amazing. Even full-on carnivores will like these, making your first potluck as a vegan no problem.





 Vegan Banana Bread by The Baking Fairy 

This easy banana bread is perfect topped with peanut butter to satisfy that “how is it only 2pm????” afternoon slump, or sacrifice a slice chopped over a bowl tub of vanilla coconut ice cream before bed.


Cauliflower Buffalo Bites by Hot for Food
These are damn good. Comfort food the healthy way. No, it’s not meat, but these little cauli-baked nugs are as close to the real deal as you can get for a game-day snack.






1 Day Vegan Detox – Rawvana
This girl is very legit, very bubbly, and trust me, this one day detox is way easier than a juice cleanse.


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Are you currently vegan or interested in a vegan lifestyle? What are some tips you have for transitioning into a plant-based diet? Comment below.

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