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I’m striving to live an affordable and exciting life by taking small steps through this big world. I have a hard time staying in one place – GlobalHales is my way of making sense of my nomadic nonsense, and hopefully passing on some travel tips along the way.

| 20 countries and counting
| 5 cities called home

I’ve gone through my early 20’s constantly fighting an internal battle – between the driven, ambitious career hustler (that my parents are proud to brag about) and the free-spirited, adventurous idealist eager to leave the 9-5, picket fenced 401k life behind for global independence. This blog is the mediation between the two contradicting halves of me – it’s about a journey through life without boundaries, but still maintaining personal career and experiential growth.

Globalhales is for anyone looking to lead a life without borders, a life less ordinary, a life worth living. I believe it’s possible for young adults to travel the world while still maintaining a productive, healthy, and socially responsible lifestyle.

“Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.” -RM Goodman


Some other stuff about me..

I am good at – untangling headphones. making breakfast. 

I am bad at – reaching the top shelf. 

I have never – been to a circus. missed an episode of Game of Thrones.

I couldn’t live without – facetime chats with the family. peanut butter. 

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